Asses and Thighs are SSSS.Gridman Director’s Priority for Its Main Heroine’s Character Design

UPDATE: Read SSSS.Gridman’s official derivative work and doujinshi guidelines here.


In a recent interview with SSSS.Gridman’s character designer Masaru Sakamoto on Megami Magazine, he discussed about how the character designs of all the main characters are done, and we found an interesting piece of information in the interview. 465041 bikini cleavage shinjou_akane ssss.gridman swimsuits takafuji_aya takarada_rikka.jpg

According to Sakamoto, the series director Akira Amemiya personally requested the following for Rikka Takarada’s design: “make her ass big and her thighs thicc.” Amemiya has previously worked as a key animator in shows such as Campione!, Haganai, DARLING in the FRANXX, and Medaka Box, so his love of asses and thighs doesn’t really come off as a surprise.


By the way, in regards to Akane Shinjou’s design, Sakamoto elaborated how he designed her in a way that would “make anyone who sees her is able to perceive her cuteness.” He also received an input to design her in the image of “what if director Amemiya becomes a high school girl” in mind. Another very important advice, coming from famed mecha designer Shigeto Koyama, is to make Akane’s boobs big in size.

With these passionate inputs coming from talented creators working with Studio TRIGGER, looks like we can expect SSSS.Gridman to be a strong contender in this season’s anime roster.

SSSS.Gridman is a Japanese anime television adaptation of the 1993–1994 tokusatsu series Gridman the Hyper Agent. The production is a joint collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions, the production company behind Gridman and Ultraman, and Studio Trigger.


The show is officially described as the following:

“You’re not alone. On any day, anywhere. Yuta Hibiki, a first-year high school student living in Tsutsujidai, one day wakes up to find he has lost his memories. He meets the “Hyper Agent Gridman” on his old computer, and Gridman says that Yuta has a mission he must fulfill, so Yuta sets out to find the meaning to those words and his memory loss. Yuta’s friends, Sho Utsumi, Rikka Takarada, and Akane Shinjo, would always help him and spend their days with him. But, their tranquil days are suddenly and easily crushed with the appearance of kaiju.”

The series is directed by Akira Amemiya (Ninja Slayer) and written by Keiichi Hasegawa (Zoids, Rage of Bahamut Genesis), with the new Gridman character design provided by Masayuki Gotou from Tsuburaya Productions, known for contributing the designs for a lot of Ultraman series. Shiro Sagisu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) is handling the series’ music with Toshiki Kameyama (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) as the sound director and Eiko Morikawa for the SFX director.

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