Mahou Shoujo no Scoutman

Mahou Shoujo no Scoutman is a light novel penned by Ibukiyo Amou (Astronauts wa Mahou wo Tsukau, Hakugai Fukutsu no Blade Maker) and illustrated by Katoroku (@kato_roku). Published by Dengeki Bunko, this light novel was released on December 9, 2017. It takes on the magical girl cliche, which has undergone a lot of changes and deconstruction in recent years, and ended up being a pretty fun depiction of the trope.

Mahou Shoujo no Scoutman.jpg


Magical girls——the allies of justice who fight against “Soul Eater”, monsters that devour the hearts of men, and protect the people. But in recent years, due to being damaged by a lot of bad rumors coming from anime and novels, the magical girl industry is currently plagued with a serious shortage of talents!

Hm? In order to defeat the Soul Eaters, it’s necessary to feed them with a magical girl’s bashful heart until it surpasses the limit——in other words, the magical girls need to feel embarrassed?

Keeping that little secret sealed, the magical girl scoutman goes forth, even today!





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