Voice Actress Yurika Endou Announces Retirement Due to Health Condition

Yurika Endou, a voice actress known for her role as Lisa Imai (BanG Dream!), Nozomi Momijidani (Angel’s 3Piece!), and Aina Mikage (Z/X Ignition) has announced through her agency’s homepage that she will be retiring from the entertainment industry which includes all her voice acting and solo artist works at the end of May 2018. @_satsunyan provided a short translation of the notice.


Through the announcement, she apologized for the sudden notice and mentioned that her health can’t keep up with her activities anymore, which led to her decision. It was something that has bothered her all these years, but after consulting with people, she decided that retiring is the best course of action.

She also apologizes for not being able to play her character until the end. Although the person in charge of her characters will change, the character will continue to live on in their own world. She will do her best with the remaining half year of her career.


She will still take part in all of her activities up until her retirement, and she also plans to hold a solo live one last time. She hopes to put everything she wants to convey into this day and have fun with everyone just like how it has always been all this time. Let’s cheer for her recovery and hope for the best!

You can read the full translation by Chezz here.

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