[MagnAvaloN] Gi(a)rlish Number – 01

I didn’t expect to do this myself, but here it is: Gi(a)rlish Number’s first episode. As I said in the page, I’m doing this half-asleep for three hours straight, so there may be some mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope you can enjoy the show. As to whether I will be doing this for future episodes to come, I’m not really sure. Oh, and if you want to give any feedback or proofread the .srt file, feel free to; didn’t have one while working on this. I also talked a bit about the first episode earlier, which you can find here.

Note: for those who asked me whether I will continue subbing this, I’m not promising anything since a more experienced fansub group is picking it up, namely Good Job! Media. Also, it has been announced by Crunchyroll that they will be streaming this show.

UPDATE (09/10/2016): 01v2 is up, with minor revisions to the script; props to Z for being the proofreader. I also updated some of the lines to fit the context better.

[MagnAvaloN] Gi(a)rlish Number 01.mkv_snapshot_13.03_[2016.10.08_05.20.34].jpg


Torrent(v2): MKV

16 thoughts on “[MagnAvaloN] Gi(a)rlish Number – 01

  1. Not too bad. Here’s an updated SRT file. I edited it for grammar/flow/etc. https://www.mediafire.com/?84x58duniwaisi5

    For anyone who downloads it and uses MPC, go to File –> Load Subtitle, and select the SRT file. Then go to Play –> Subtitles –> No Subtitles instead of the “subrip [default].” At least, that’s what worked for me (I just did this as a one-off).

    Feel free to download it, replace your current DDL with it, whatever.

    A few weird quirks I thought I’d highlight:

    “Code” at 15:16. I’m not sure there is anything that mirrors it in English, unless I’m missing something. You might want to see what exactly that translates to.

    Extra – no subs to show GAHAHAHA or FRESH FRESH FRESH. For the producer guy and the executive, your slightly stilted dialogue may actually work well, since in Watari’s other work (Oregairu), overblown people also sounded a bit nonsensical.

  2. Somehow I cannot put comment on nyaa.se
    So I came here to say thank you, sir. For making the sub.
    It was a story of itself that I found you after seeing that no one would sub this series.

    I hope you continue to sub this one and improve its quality (if it’s still possible).

    1. Hello and you’re welcome! With Crunchyroll rip on the way and GJM picking it up, I’m not really sure I’ll continue doing a fastsub on this. My only goal was to introduce the show which has gone under the radar for some people especially because of the initial lack of CR simulcast, and I think it was pretty successful. Hope you enjoyed it too!

      1. Do you really think that GJM is worth watching? I would say that they are on the same boat like DameDesuYo, Commie or GG (= simplified americanized trash).

      2. I’d refrain from commenting too much on their approach since the topic of liberal vs literal fansubbing has been going on for decades, and I’m in no place to judge. I do think, though, that there are fansubbers out there who can compromise between those two extremes. Too bad fansubbing is less prevalent nowadays since most people will just pick Crunchyroll.

        Anyway, it seems the Crunchy rip is out.

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