New Stories: VOCAPOST’s New Year Album is Just Around the Corner!

Nearing the year’s close, Indonesian Vocaloid community, VOCAPOST, announced that they’re going to release a new album called “New Stories”! Read on to listen to the preview!

New Stories

The new album is composed of ten new original songs, all composed by Indonesian producers. All the songs are either sung in Japanese, English, or Indonesian. The track list is provided below:

  1. Guitaruz – Semangat Pagi
  2. Henohenomoheji – Yoru no Seifukusha
  3. PG2125 – Shout Now
  4. -R-Type – Deep Inside
  5. Idoyklik – Kieta Omoi
  6. DreamReal – Under the Starry Sky
  7. Nan837 x HH x Gyatso – Sotsugyou no Hi
  8. Mixtrelle – Life Scene
  9. Ittou – Datte Atashi
  10. Windshield Soundscape – Pulang

The pre-order for the CD has been opened here if you are interested. As the pre-order slot is limited, I advise you to quickly order it if you really want to—I already did, by the way. The CD will come with a premium case, a booklet, and special merchandises from VOCAPOST. =)

Last but not least, here is the preview/crossfade for the album, enjoy! (^ – ^)//

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