5,000 Views in 5 Weeks!

It’s been the fifth week since I launched this blog, and I’m happy to say that it has already passed 5,000 visits! Well, 5,386 to be exact. (^ – ^) So… 39, everyone! Why “39”? It’s actually a pun—as the number can also be read “san-kyu” in Japanese, which sounds like “thank you”. The Facebook page also reached 100 likes today!


If you are wondering about the illustration above, it’s drawn by マクー (Maku); you can also click the picture to access the full resolution. Some of you might also be familiar with various signs presented in the picture—if you know what I mean. :p

Anyway… Thanks for visiting the site! I’m delighted to know that the views are coming from lots of different countries like Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Russia, et cetera. I’ll be sure to put up more interesting contents here. 🙂 I’m simply writing on this blog just for my own enjoyment, so I’m happy that the posts can become a benefit for others. This blog is not in any way a news-oriented one, but it seems having many great releases coming up urged me to share them, haha.

I’m also thinking of posting a project that I used to work on last year, but that’s still under my consideration. I sometimes write some stories with a format akin to that of a light novel’s, as I love to read read light novels. I recently thought to myself, it would be waste if I left the drafts just like that—so I’m thinking of re-working on them when I’ve got some free time. I’m not that good at drawing, though, so no illustration has been provided for the drafts; I’m currently trying to get through the basics. (>_<)

Well, that’s that. Once again, thanks for visiting! Feel free to drop your comments and feedbacks—or if you want to talk, get in touch with me. 😀

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