The Bravery: supercell’s Seventh Single Title for Magi’s New ED Finally Announced

Remember the news about supercell’s upcoming new single to be used as a new ending theme for “マギ” (Magi)? Well, the new song’s title has finally been out in the open: “The Bravery”!


The TV size’s lyrics are available in both English and Romaji for now:

“kimi ni wa yuuki ga aru”
sono hitokoto wo shinji tobidashita
mawari wa kare wo waratte
“douse nani hitotsu aitsu ni wa dekinai sa”

kimi wa keshite yowaku nanka nai
dare ni mo hatasenakatta yume wo negae tsuyoku
kanarazu kanaette miserutte

saa mizukara no hata kakage
susume mae ni
nijimu namida wa
kimi no akashi
chikara ni narou

mayou toki wa kono boku ga soba ni iru
dakara ikou
sekai no subete wo mini


“Courage exists within you”
Believing in those words, you headed out
With all the people around laughing at you
“I bet he’s not capable of doing a single thing”
Just let ’em be

You’re not weak in the slightest
Strongly believing in the dream, which no one has ever reached
You’ll definitely make that dream come true

Now, raise your flag
And move forward
All the tears down on your cheek’s
The proof that you live
That will become your strength

And when you’re wavering, I’ll be right beside you
That’s why, let’s go
To witness all the world has got for us to see

Details are available from supercell’s official site; here is the English translation I provided:

supercell’s new single will be used as the ED theme song of the popular TV anime “Magi”! (2012.12.26)

supercell’s new song will serve as the new ending theme of the popular TV anime “Magi”, starting on MBS · TBS national broadcast at 5 PM this Sunday!
The new single “The Bravery” will be released on March 13th!

Started serialization in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” from 2009 from the author Ohtaka Shinobu, “Magi” is a very popular manga which has exceeded 7.5 million sales from volume 1 until 15! A young boy Aladdin, travelling to find the secret treasure sleeping in the Labyrinth (“Dungeon”), he met Alibaba on his journey, who together with him aimed for the treasure in the Labyrinth (“Dungeon”). From many encounters and partings that he faced, Aladdin will soon understand his fate as a “magi” who will choose the king that rules the world. (As of December 2012)

New Single “The Bravery”
March 13th, 2013
MBS・TBS “Magi” Ending Theme
Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray) / SRCL-8241~2 / ¥1,890(tax in)
Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) / SRCL-8243~4 / ¥1,680(tax in)
Regular Edition (CD only) / SRCL-8245 / ¥1,223(tax in)

“Magi” Official Site
Don’t miss it!!

Well then, remember not to miss Magi’s episodes—as you’ll be able to listen to this song every time it ends!
(^ o ^)/

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