A Man’s Gunpla Being “Held Captive” by His Wife for Coming Late from Work

We have seen several cases of wives who threw away their husband’s Gunpla (Gundam plastic models), but this particular one was a bit different than that and had managed to caught the Japanese internet users’ attention last year.


A Twitter user called Naonyan (@NaokiModel) took into his Twitter and posted a screenshot of a message from his wife, showing his RX-78-2 Gundam, both of its arms tied with a rope like some sort of hostage, along with a single sentence: “Don’t you care about whatever is going to happen to this thing?” The caption of his tweet was as follows:

“Families that threw away a husband’s Gunpla has become quite a topic, but when I told my wife ‘I was invited to go for a drink, so I’m going to be coming home late today’ through mail, she replied with this message.”

I doubt Naonyan’s wife is going to do anything serious to his beloved Gunpla, and it’s probably just her way of showing her love for her husband. Right? Okay, I can be wrong. But one thing for sure is that the tweet has been racking over 100k retweets and 130k likes.


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