Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Koisuru Metronome Chapter 51 (Finale)


As mentioned by the previous news, this month’s chapter of Saekano’s spinoff manga series Koisuru Metronome will be the last, and it features what appears to be the last attempt at pleasing Utaha’s fans with a sweet taste of victory after Megumi won in the original light novel series. You can read the raws here.

19 thoughts on “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Koisuru Metronome Chapter 51 (Finale)

  1. Only Eriri didn’t get a happy ending.
    Are you going to summarize that memorial edition of the original novel?

    1. The truth is that it is a Spin-off although it is a canon, it is only inside that universe and it has no relation to the novel and its ending in Saekano… Katou finally won the love of Tomoya…

      The sad thing about this is that Eriri doesn’t even have a spin off where she can sexuañ retaliate with Tomoya… I mean that unfair! xD

  2. I dont get the last picture? What does she say? Other than screaming. Is she sad over being together with Tomoya or something?

    1. She just calling him Tomoya-kun rather than Rinri-kun what she usually calls him. Also Tomoya now calls Utaha by her name without the senpai honorific, make them both a couple.

    1. Your kami man thanks a holy much. Finally I can rest my brain man I thought this Manga would also cuck us

  3. I’m really happy with this route tho, the ln ending really fucked me up, the way author kicked out utaha and eriri was so fucking unfair, and with this route, now i can rest in peace.

  4. Hahahahaha is very funny, to be an extra route of some visual and sure, a manga to compensate the Fans who died of hunger with the final canon of the novel… let’s be honest, the Author really threw away Utaha and Eriri, and if they ended up losing when they abandoned the protagonist… it was the perfect moment for the real Waifu to appear and win… and it was.

    Now, although this is only a spin-off and does not have a canon relationship in any sense with the Original Final of the Novel, it is daring and entertaining… and that sexual ending with Utaha, gives you the impression of… Tomoya Does he always fuck all the girls on their respective routes?… If Eriri won somewhere in Saekano’s universe, she would also have ended up in Tomoya’s bed, having wild sex with that blonde pettanko with pigtails? It should see Eriri also in a scene of sexual retaliation with Tomoya… since she is the only one who does not have one, and well why not Izumi too? xD

    Mmmmmh now I fantasize, and I start thinking, and if Tomoya did a trio with Utaha and Katou… how would that come out? or an orgy with Eriri, Utaha, Izumi and Katou?… UF MAN! Very hot material for Doujin!

  5. Read this for a year or two now and finally got my ending. I don’t care about what’s considered canon to some people, as this was a full complete story where utaha chased her husbando and he reciprocated her feelings entirely lol. It’s so satisfying the way it was done. I do want an epilogue chapter, but this really was what I wanted not just from saekano, but from many many series still dragging their feet while they milk fans(or try to) with girl of the week chapters.

    I’m going to miss this series and the antics of the best girl, Utaha. ❤

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