Saekano Koisuru Metronome Chapter 48: A Sudden Confession!?

The latest chapter of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata’s spinoff manga, Koisuru Metronome, came up with a very interesting development. Spoilers ahead, I warned you.

The chapter continues from Utaha’s recent slump which caused the writing process of both the novel and anime of Pure-hearted Hectopascal to stagnate. Tomoya is being driven into a corner since Utaha will have to be replaced with a third party writer if she still can’t write the script for the anime.

Tomoya accidentally overheard a conversation between the staffs about Utaha’s condition in the office. They talked about how Utaha’s current problem stems from the fact that no one is pushing her potentialーsomething that should have been Tomoya’s job as an editor. The depressed Tomoya was then encouraged by the chief editor with him saying that it’s hard to balance things when odds are against him. He went on to add that it’s up to Tomoya whether their project will become a success or a failure despite a lot of people thinking of ending the project.

As Tomoya returned to his home, he was greeted by Mayu who has been waiting for him. Mayu told Tomoya that she has read all the volumes of Koisuru Metronome (Utaha’s previous novel) and she finally understood what it meant for Utaha. Mayu then asked Tomoya to think through how to resolve their current problem together. Tomoya refused, saying it’s his responsibility as Utaha’s editor.

Hearing his response, Mayu started lashing out on Tomoya. She admitted that she really loves Utaha and her work, which is why she doesn’t want it to end.

Mayu’s outburst of emotion ended with one last scene, where she confessed her love to Tomoya.

With the way Mayu’s confession happening in a pivotal arc of Utaha’s decision, it feels like the answer would not be a favorable one for her. Well, we’ve got another month to wait and find out in the next chapter.

3 thoughts on “Saekano Koisuru Metronome Chapter 48: A Sudden Confession!?

  1. I think Tomoya will reject Mayu’s confession but use it as a way to motivate himself to persuade Utaha into finishing the light novel and anime the way she wants it. I also heard a rumor via that Maruta has said that in vol. 10 KM that the “real” Utaha is incompatible with Tomoya.

  2. No, this is the hint that was being mentioned from of the light novel of “Saekano”:
    “Fifth event: Utaha and the MC run into trouble over the plot with the chief editor. MC gets kicked off his position as Utaha’s editor for this, but it’s revealed that the MC had been planning to leave for a while before then. The MC didn’t want to just be by Utaha but wanted to actually make things and stand as an equal to her. Utaha didn’t want to rely on him anymore and wanted to make her own future. They encourage each other to give it their best as they bid each other farewell and swear that they’ll meet again after they’ve risen to the top of the industry.” This scenario is hinting on how KM will likely end, suggesting that Utaha will most likely not have her happy end.

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