Light Novel Spotlight: 30th Fantasia Grand Prize

This time, I’ll be talking about the winning works of 30th Fantasia Grand Prize, an annual light novel award held by light novel publisher Fujimi Shobo. These new works will be published under Fantasia Bunko label on January 20, 2018. A special campaign has also been updated on the official website, in which the heroines from each of the works are voiced by four popular voice actresses. So, without further ado, let’s go over these four new titles!


Grand Prize Winner: Kane wa Haisha no Mawarimono


Author: Nagi Kujou / Illustrator: Mika Pikazo

Heroine Voice: Maaya Uchida


There is a money that can buy anything. And yet, there is still a wish that it can’t buy.

A money that can buy various miracles, “Magic Stone Currency”. Haito Ushinai, a boy who is fighting for that money, comes into possession of a girl called Maria from the assets that he won one day. However, the value that the girl possesses is so unusual that it drags the two into endless competition!?

This is the story that has been all over my head for months ever since I read about the synopsis in a Dragon Magazine issue in September. Playing around the theme of money, assets, and battle, it quickly invoked my memory of Tatsunoko’s 2011 anime, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. I can’t wait to read the whole thing and find out if it can really live up to the premise.

Gold Prize Winner + Judge Special Award + Web Reader Award: Renai Shijou Toshi no Couple


Author: Yuu Shinomiya / Illustrator: Kekocha

Heroine Voice: Sakura Ayane


Well then, Senpai! Let’s save the world while being all lovey-dovey with Aiha today!

The world where Yuuya and Aiha, the strongest Couple (Twin Knights), were sent to for a mission—is the “Romance Supreme City” where the energy born from romantic feelings is converted to power!? The two who are expected to fight in order to slay the demon king are forced to… “please hug me tightly and gently,” hug each other in the middle of battle, “Senpai, your face is too close… My heart isn’t ready yet,” do a kabedon while training, “this combat wear’s skirt is too short…” and wear borderline erotic clothes!? Despite always maintaining an audacious attitude towards Yuuya, Aiha who actually has feelings for him can’t hide her heart’s pounding!?

Skinship that gradually becomes extreme, all for the sake of saving the world! A lovey-dovey battle fantasy of the Couple inexperienced about love!

This is the work that won the most number of awards, and it’s as you can see: a pretty generic battle light novel with a simple premise. The fact that a H-doujin artist is being responsible for the illustrations, you can definitely expect actual lewd stuff. The fact that Ayaneru is in charge of the heroine’s voice is probably a huge plus.

Gold Prize: Otasuke Chara Kanojo ga Iru Wake Nai Janai Desu ka


Author: Hamubane / Illustrator: sune

Heroine Voice: Mai Kadowaki


I’m only keeping her secret, it’s not like I’m her boyfriend… right?

My classmate Shoukawa-san is a Light Magical Girl. (She’s so cuuuuute!) I’ve promised to back her up in order to hide her identity, but—”Please don’t transform in the middle of the classsssss!” It turned out she’s a huge klutz! In order to be able to back her up, I will have to be prepared to spend more time together with her….

“Shoukawa-san! Please (physically) go out with me!”

“Ah, okay.”

All right! With this, eating lunch together, going to school together, going to the amusement park together—my follow-up as her support character is perfect! …Hm? Lovers? No, no, there is no way that a support character like me has a girlfriend, right? A misunderstanding love comedy full of unawareness!

So basically, a klutz magical girl and a protagonist who becomes her “fake boyfriend” in order to be able to help her hide her identity. Personally not so intrigued with the plot, but we’ll see.

Tomohiko Itou Prize / Special Award: Judgment/Blood


Author: Yuuhei Hasebe / Illustrator: Byulzzi

Heroine Voice: Aika Kobayashi


Engraving the way of vampire on the world, a moral reform battle action!

“You lot, don’t you have any self-consciousness as a vampire?”

In the near future where the vampires are living out in the open, the anti-vampire organization “Kessen Kyoku” member Ibuki Shinguu is faced with an unforeseen fate of becoming a scout for a True Ancestor vampire one day.

Ibuki who was fully prepared for death in the negotiation was met with a surprise…

“I wish to join the Kessen Kyoku.”


The True Ancestor Victoria accepts the offer!?

However, Victoria who was supposed to be invited as a deterrent actually resents the current disorderly state of the vampire world. Reforming the defective ones, taking over fights within her family, sometimes getting hooked on a vampire anime—before she realized, Victoria’s actions have caused an uproar in the world more than anyone else!

A moral reform battle action of the one who is both the starting point and the top of vampires!

Tomohiko Itou Prize is a special award given by Tomohiko Itou, one of A-1 Pictures’ anime directors who was responsible for Sword Art Online, Silver Spoon, Erased, and a lot other works. Knowing that, I guess it makes sense that a story like this made it; it definitely sounds like something A-1 would animate in years to come. A vampire voiced by Yohane‘s voice actress also sounds like a huge bait.

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