supercell’s Koeda Debuts, Produced by ryo

Nice to meet you.

Surprise news! Koeda, the current vocalist of supercell who replaced Yanagi Nagi since My Dearest to ZIGAEXPERIENTIA, has been announced to debut with a solo album.

The solo album, titled “Nice to meet you.”, will be released on Juny 3. Koeda will be writing the songs, and ryo is the one taking care of the music. We can expect humorous satire lyrics and pop sound accompanied with expressive vocals in the form of 8 tracks.

Nice to meet you.

There will also be a release party held at Tsutaya O-West store; the tickets will be available via CN Play Guide. This will be Koeda’s first live, so to say. (^o^)

The tracklist of the album is as follows:

1. おやすみ
2. DanSin’
3. w . t . s .
4. Lovism
5. NoName
6. 学校
7. Happy ☆ Day
8. Endless end .

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