ryo (supercell) Produces Bravely Second’s Opening Movie Theme Song

Bravely Second: End Layer Opening Movie

Some of you may have been expecting Bravely Second: End Layer’s release in the next two weeks, or specifically April 23. While I am personally waiting patiently for the English version, I have been joining in the hype towards the Japanese release because of the latest opening movie released in the Square Enix official Youtube channel, featuring a new song by ryo featuring chelly! This doesn’t come off as much of a surprise, since ryo himself is the game’s music composer, replacing REVO.

The trailer features Yu Zeneolsia with his fellow party members: Magnolia Arch, Jean & Nikolai of the Three Musketeers, and the returning Edea & Tiz with refreshing new appearances. Agnes will still be playing a major role in Bravely Second, albeit not as a playable character. Emperor Oblivion who will serve as the new main antagonist is also featured alongside his fairy Anne, who might remind us of Airy.


The song, titled “Great Distance”, will be released in May 20. Along with revealing the release date, SME’s official supercell page also gave several new announcements, which I have translated below:

1. CD Product Information
ryo (supercell) feat.chelly 「Great Distance」
Release date: May 20, 2015
[Limited Edition A]
SRCL-8810~8811 / CD+BD / Price: 2000 yen incl. tax
[Limited Edition B]
SRCL-8812~8813 / CD+DVD / Price: 1800 yen incl. tax
[First Press Edition]
SRCL-8814 / CD / Price: 1300 yen incl. tax

≪Limited Edition A・B≫
● Featuring super jewel case
● BD/DVD has the same content
● Bonus TBD

≪First Press Edition≫
● Bonus TBD

2. Pre-order Campaign
Get the serial code and explore Bravely Second with ryo (supercell)!
By purchasing “Great Distance” or “BRAVELY SECOND END LAYER Original Soundtrack” in a limited period, you will be able to get the invitation serial code for the game data of ryo himself!

The list of contents can be checked below. For people who have fully paid upfront for the pre-order, the serial code flyer will be directly delivered. Because the stock is limited to each store, please pre-order as soon as possible!

– Flyer containing the serial code

Target Store:
■ Animate (except Animate Online)
■ Tower Records (except Tower Records Online)
■ HMV (except HMV Online / HMV Shibuya)
■ Shinseido (except Shinseido WonderGOO Rakuten shop)
■ WonderGOO
■ Bunshindo Bookstore
■ Jeugia
■ Shibuya Tsutaya, Tsutaya Ebisubashi
■ Futaba Library Hiroshima-Fuchu store, MeEGA Nakasuji store, GIGA Hiroshima store, TERA Fukuoka East store

April 2 – May 18, 2015

May 20 – ryo (suprecell) feat.chelly『Great Distance』
Limited Edition A (SRCL-8810~8811)
Limited Edition B (SRCL-8812~8813)
Regular Edition (SRCL-8814)

May 20 -『BRAVELY SECOND END LAYER Original Soundtrack』
Limited Edition (SQEX-10494~6)
Regular Edition (SQEX-10497~9)

3. Special Store Bonus for CD
The special store bonus for the single will be the jacket illustration done by Shirow Miwa and the Bravely Second themed illustration in the form of different posters given by each shop. The posters will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the pre-order priority.

– ryo (supercell) Support Store (target store TBA)
Two-side B3 poster A (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second Agnes illustration)

– Animate
Two-side B3 poster B (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second Tiz illustration)

Two-side B3 poster C (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second Three Musketeers illustration)

– Sony Music Shop
B2 Great Distance original promotion poster

– Tower Records
Two-side B3 poster D (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second Edea illustration)

– Tsutaya Records
Two-side B3 poster E (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second Magnolia illustration)

– Yodobashi Camera CD store
Two-side B3 poster F (Great Distance jacket illustration × Bravely Second captured Agnes illustration)

Captured Agnes

That’s all for the news. If you want to pre-order the single or the original soundtrack, you can do it by following the links below:

Great Distance – CD | CD+BD
BRAVELY SECOND END LAYER Original Soundtrack – Limited | First Press

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