Hakushu Kassai Utaawase: supercell’s Eighth Single as Katanagatari’s Opening Theme

From the announcement by Katanagatari’s official website and the released trailer for the series re-run in the special 1-hour noitaminA slot, it is apparent that supercell will be contributing a new song for the show’s opening theme.


Entitled “Hakushu Kassai Utaawase”, the single will be released in June 12, 2013. Two types of limited edition with CD+BD (¥1,890) and CD+DVD (¥1,680) will be available, along with the regular edition (¥1,223).

Katanagatari will be broadcasted 45 minutes for 12 consecutive weeks every Thursday, starting from April 11, 2013.

While supercell will be contributing for the OP, Katanagatari’s ending theme is going to be performed by Piko. The song is called “Kotonoha”, and will be released in June 5, 2013.

I’ve been hyping this thing since last week, but various circumstances caused me not to be able to share it early. 😦

Anyway, I can’t wait for supercell’s new single as usual. XD

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