Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f to Add New DLC Featuring Contents from the PS3 Version

After releasing a couple of downloadable contents for Project DIVA f like the Snow Miku modules, “Minna to Issho” Collab Set which featured “Po Pi Po Special edition” together with various customize items, and modules of derivative Vocaloids (Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto), Sega announced through Project DIVA f’s official website that the new contents planned to be released in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F—the PS3 port of the game, will also be accessible for the PSVita version’s players in the form of multiple DLCs.

Project DIVA f

The DLC is comprised of the Item Set and the Oomoji Pack. The Item Set module pack features new customize items, Edit Mode effects, Edit Mode Edit Mode 3D stages, Edit Mode 2D illustrations, Edit Mode hand items, and Edit Mode motions. This module pack will be downloadable to all Project DIVA f owners for free on March 7th, 2013.

DLC item set

The Oomoji Pack features new modules, Resume Game songs, AR Live songs, and customize items; it will be released on the same date as the Item Set, and will cost you 3000 yen. The Oomoji Pack includes the following items:

1. Resume Game Songs

  • Tell Your World – livetune
  • Tokyo Teddy Bear – Neru
  • Yumekui Shirokuro Baku – Nem
  • Sweet Devil – HachioujiP
  • Senbonzakura – KurousaP
  • Rin-chan Nau! – OwataP

2. Modules

  • Linkage
  • Scissors
  • Tricker
  • Honey Whip
  • Ichi no Sakura: Ouka
  • Ni no Sakura: Kochou
  • Ni no Sakura: Senbu
  • San no Sakura: Fuuka
  • Rei no Sakura: Sousetsu
  • Rei no Sakura: Benitsubaki
  • Rin-chan Aishi-Tai Ichi-Go
  • Rin-chan Aishi-Tai Ni-Go

3. AR Live Songs

  • Weekender Girl – kz/HachioujiP
  • ODDS & ENDS – ryo
  • Time Machine – 1640mP (164×40mP)
  • 39 – sasakure.UK×DECO*27

4. Customize Items

  • *TBA
  • *TBA

Also, Sega pointed out that for a limited period of 39 days, ranging from March 7th to April 14th, people who bought first-print copies of the PS3 version will be able to access the DLC by inputting “Kimi ni Todoketai Code”—the product code printed on the game’s box. Not only that, the product code also allows you to purchase the download version of Project Diva f at 5000 yen, which is lower than the normal price. As this promo only works for the first edition releases of the game and only lasts for around a month, be sure to keep your guard up!

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