VOCALO.ID 2 Compilation Album


This time around, I’m going to talk about an album I bought a couple of months ago on Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012—the biggest Japanese pop culture event in Asia held at Jakarta this year. Entitled “VOCALOID.2 Compilation Album”, this music album is the sequel to the first album to be created by Indonesian Vocaloid producers gathered from a forum called VOCAPOST, featuring original Vocaloid songs: “VOCALO.ID”. The first album has already went on sale at KarenT, the record label that has published many Vocaloid works.

My VOCALO.ID 2 album

VOCALOID.2 has shown notable improvements over the first album; and even though it hasn’t been featured on KarenT yet, it might soon be in the near future. VOCALO.ID 2 is available as an online release, besides the hard copies. You can listen to and even download the whole album for free! I have provided the link to the album below:

The album is consisted of 17 tracks as following:

  1. DreamReal feat. Gumi – Hari yang Indah
  2. Celestial Dreams Project feat. Miku – Inspirasi
  3. NUSD x RAGADUB feat. Miku – Cinta SMU
  4. Elite Rose Project feat. Miku – Hello~!
  5. Idoyklik feat. Luka – Xylophobia
  6. Aoyami Project feat. Miku – Shin
  7. Mixtrelle feat. Miku – A Cafe Nautiluse
  8. Inferiorism feat. Rin – Shangri-la
  9. Streamline feat. Miku – Ie to Iu Basho
  10. Luzzy feat. Miku – Galau
  11. REDSHiFT feat. Miku – Kokoro no Kakera (VOCALO.ID Edit)
  12. Luzzy x Rakuin feat. Miku – Lupa Password
  13. Arterial feat. Gumi – Infinity World
  14. PG.2125 feat. Luka – Nightfalls
  15. M.I.K.A feat. Gumi – Into The Blue Sky
  16. Wind.Scape feat. Luka – Air (VOCALO.ID 2 Album Ver.)
  17. Rakuin feat. Gumi – Himawaribatake

The first track, “Hari yang Indah”, is an upbeat Indonesian song sung by GUMI. The title means “Beautiful Day” in English, and it is reflected in the song with the cheerful tune and bright arrangements. I gotta say this is one of my favorite songs from this album.

Following Hari yang Indah is “Inspirasi“, or “Inspiration” in English. This piece also features cheerful tunes, albeit sung by Miku instead of GUMI. I especially like the instrumentals accompanying the song.

Cinta SMU” is the third track. Being a rock song telling about the love story of a high-school student portrayed by Miku, the song delivered the message quite well. The melody also reflects Indonesian contemporary rock songs—although having Miku to sing the song gave the song a cute touch.

Proceeding to the fourth, “Hello~!” is the first Japanese track in the album. The lyrics is quite neat, and so as the composition.

Finally, another one of my favorite tracks from VOCALO.ID 2. The screamo rock Japanese song featuring Luka managed to catch my attention right away. The MMD PV is also really well-made, so I don’t see any reason not to give this song two thumbs up.

The next one is yet another rock song sung in Japanese: “Shin“. I love the guitar riffs & drums.

Moving on the seventh track, the mood changes to a more melancholic one in “A Cafe Nautiluse“. Another track that I favor, mainly because of the unique theme and great music. I fell in love with the song right after hearing the intro.

The eighth track, “Shangri-la”, put up a slower pace. The song is sung by Rin, and it is really cute!

Ie to Iu Basho” is the title of the ninth track. The title literally means “A Place Like Home”. Another melancholic piece featuring Miku. The piano playing in the background is so sweet, and the lyrics is actually quite deep.

The tenth track’s title is among my favorites from this album: “Galau“. In case you didn’t know, the word “galau” is an Indonesian slang used to describe a complicated feeling over various kinds of situation and mental states—particularly used by Indonesian teenagers to express their feeling of anxiety, distress, or agitation. And yes, the song embodied the theme well.

Finally! The eleventh track is a song composed by none other than REDSHiFT, a famous group from Indonesia known for producing great Vocaloid original songs, cover songs, and remixes. Be it the beat, the melody, or the lyrics—”Kokoro no Kakera” is simply another awesome work from REDSHiFT.

After Kokoro no Kakera, “Lupa Password” kicks in as the twelfth track—and an upbeat one at that. By the way, “lupa” means “forget” in Indonesian, so I think you can guess what the song is about, haha. =))

The thirteenth track is called “Infinity World“. It is another rock song, this time sung by GUMI.

The use of English verses is finally featured in the fourteenth track: “Nightfalls“. Luka managed to fill the vocals quite well, despite the difficulty in terms of pronunciation.

Three more tracks to go, we are now at the fifteenth track: “Into The Blue Sky”. The music is so vibrant and colorful, and GUMI’s tuning is particularly good. I really like the song’s melody, making me want to sing along. The electro touch in this song resonates well with my musical preference. 😀

The second-to-last track is titled “Air“, sung by Luka. The acoustic feel of the song evident from the guitar apparently suit my fancy. (>.<)

The final track is “Himawaribatake“. The PV is pretty much well-drawn, and I love the “sunflower” theme that both the PV and the song conveys. (^ – ^)

Overall, VOCALO.ID 2 is a great album. I’m hoping that even more neat Vocaloid works will be released by Indonesian VocaP’s and recognized by international audience; this album is actually very special, and more so because it is from a country outside Japan, where the use of Vocaloid is not as supported as Japan. I also hope that this album and the community will be able to let Yamaha, Crypton Future Media, Inc., or Internet Co., Ltd. know that there is a huge potential market in Indonesia. That way, we might see more amazing developments of the Vocaloid culture globally. 😀

If you are interested in the Vocaloid community in Indonesia, check out their Facebook fanpage, Twitter and forum!

One thought on “VOCALO.ID 2 Compilation Album

  1. wow…I am actually really surprised for the Indonesian vocaloid composers, they are really surprisingly GOOD!!
    do you know any further info about each of the composers??

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