Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fan Disc 2: The Female Creators’ Bonus Episode

Following the thirteenth volume of its main story, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) light novel series is finally getting a new volume titled Saekano FD2 (Fan Disc 2). Just like the previous Saekano FD, this novel will cover side stories of the characters we have all known and love, while also giving as a look at a new character… One you’d probably never expect to appear. The book is slated for release on November 20, 2018.



The bonus event of young girls who spend their youth on making galges!

“Since it’s just us girls now, why don’t we talk about girly stuffs a bit more?” An open-air girl talk during location hunting trip.

“No good, no good at all… At this rate, Rinri-kun’s definitely gonna fall.” Main heroine acting tutorial by the popular light novel author.

“Did I really say such a thing!?” The promise exchanged with the doujin illustrator which has finally come into light now.

“I’ll definitely… I’lll definitely make Tomo stop being an otaku!” The declaration coming from the non-otaku cousin who is active in a girls band.

The compilation of short stories depicting the heroines from blessing software—the doujin game circle which I, Tomoya Aki, am the producer of—will once again…. Wait, Megumi, who is that woman next to you!?

As the cover has hinted along with synopsis, as well as the track record of Eriri’s mom being the cover girl of Saekano FD, it has been greatly speculated that Megumi’s mom is the one featured in Saekano FD2’s cover. We will see how she’s going to be involved in the story when it finally hits the store. I’ll try to provide the summary as per usual, depending on when I can get access to the novel and my free time. I’m still rebuilding the new Facebook page after the unwarranted takedown, so please help support the Facebook page as well.

UPDATE: It turns out that most of the stories in this volume are past side stories from Saekano and Saekano Flat anime BD bonus, with only one completely original story (involving the new character). Another surprise is that the new character isn’t Megumi’s mom… It’s her sister, Hiromi Katou.


Part 1 (S1):

  • SPA iLLUSiON (BD1)
  • Spencer Sawamura Family’s Day Off (BD2)
  • The Other Side of a Retake (BD3)
  • The Two’s Night After the Choice (BD4)
  • The Triumphant Return of the Glorious Otaku (BD5)
  • A Precious Friend, a Precious Tomo (BD6)
  • And Thus the Story Ends, and the Friendship Begins (BD7)

Part 2 (S2 + original story):

  • The Five Fearsome Girls (BD1)
  • Toyogasaki School Festival – 1st Day (BD2)
  • Making Things Up in the Parallel World (BD3)
  • Winter Holiday Nine Years Ago (BD4)
  • The Girl Who Didn’t Come Home Quickly (BD5)
  • Katou Family’s Weekend (original story)
  • The Crossroad Leading to the Movie (BD6)



Katou Family’s Weekend

“I’m home~”

“Welcome back~”


The reason why Megumi didn’t expect to have someone actually replying to her is because of the time: it’s 11 PM on a Saturday night, and none of her family members would normally still be inside the living room at this hour. And yet, on that day when she returns after making up and spending over twenty four hours with her classmate and fellow circle member Tomoya Aki at his house without doing anything (in a lot of ways), a familiar voice that Megumi hasn’t heard for a while causes her whole body to tense up as she slowly approaches the living room.

“…Hiromi Onee-chan?”

“You’re late, Megumi~”

Reaching the living room, Megumi encounters the source of the voice, who is chilling on the sofa.

“…Err, what’s with the sudden visit? Didn’t you just come home on New Year?”

“Ah~, what’s with that troubled reaction? Even though I went out of my way to return home so we sisters can spend some time~”

Yes, she is Megumi’s sister who’s six years older than her, Hiromi Katou.

“Well, whatever. My husband’s going to China for a business trip this morning, so I just feel like coming home since I’ve got nothing else to do~”

However, she has since taken the name Hiromi Yoshinaga since her marriage in June last year.

“Huuuuuuh~, so that’s the case. So when will he be coming back home? Tonight?”

“If it was just a day trip, I wouldn’t be going all the way here from Hamamatsu.”

“I see, must be pretty lonely for you. Why don’t you just go with him, then? Now’s not too late for that.”

“…What’s with that clearly unpleasant reply of yours? Did you not want me to come home?”

“Of course not, I would never think that~”

Towards her sister who she hasn’t met in a month and a half, Megumi intentionally tries to keep a distance with her. After all, in regards to “today’s” Megumi, Hiromi is a more troublesome relative to deal with compared to her parents.

“Well, whatever. That’s right, guess I’ll cook some food. It’s been a while, after all. You must be hungry, aren’t you, Megumi?”

“Nah, I’ve eaten already.”

“Huh, is that so~? What did you eat?”



“…Is that an information that I have to tell you no matter what, Onee-chan?”

“…Is that an information that is worth your being that obstinate about not telling me?”


“Also, Megumi, why are you in your school uniform? Today’s Saturday, isn’t it?”

“Well, that’s… I have already explained everything to Mom.”

“I see, I see. So you have reported when, where, and what you did with whoever it is to Mom, right? I got it, guess I’ll just make sure by asking her tomorrow~”

“…I’ve been staying at my friend’s house for a consultation on my circle activities since yesterday. I went there directly right after school’s over, hence the uniform…”

“So you stayed over? Then, how about your changes of clothes?”

“…I borrowed them from a friend.”

“Ah, so this friend of yours is a girl. That’s boring~”

“Of course. What did you think about your sister, Onee-chan?”

“That girl, what’s her name?”

“Eriri. She’s the illustrator in our circle.”

“So you also borrowed the underwear from this Eriri girl?”

“Of course not, I bought them on the way back.”


“…Can you please cut it out? It feels like I’m being doubted, it’s uncomfortable.”

“Ah, I don’t think the ‘feels like’ part is necessary~”


The reason behind Megumi’s fear of her sister is actually simple: because she is the object lesson for Megumi on “leaving home”. After all, up until Hiromi left the house, Megumi is the only person who knows about who her sister hung out with during nights when she was staying at her friend’s house for “girls talk” or “study groups”.

“Hmm~, looks like you still have a long way to go, Megumi. You’ll need to work on those lies of yours.”

“Ah~ Okay, fine. It’s good that you’re such a honest person, huh, Onee-chan?”

“Well, guess it can’t be helped. The one who taught you that ‘sprinkling a few lies inside a bunch of truths will make them harder to spot’ is none other than me…”

“In your case, ‘there is only a single truth within a bunch of lies’, though.”

“The ‘curry’, ‘friend’s house’, ‘consultation on circle activities’, and ‘borrowed them from a friend’ parts are all true, I guess? The suspicious bit is the ‘Eriri’ part?”


At that moment, Megumi realizes how she’s been captured inside a net carefully laid down by her sister.

“So~, the truth is you were staying at your boyfriend’s house, right?”

As Megumi climbs the stairs trying to retreat to her room, a pursuing voice comes from behind her.

“What do you mean by boyfriend? When, where, for what reason, and how did I even get one? In the first place, who?”

“I don’t know his name, but it’s definitely that boy from before, right?”

“Before as in when? What hour what minute what day?”

“If my memory serves me right, it was right after last year’s May started. You suddenly left during our Hokkaido trip to meet up with your boyfriend, right?”

“……It was just a figure of speech and I don’t think there isn’t any need to be that specific.”

“I was getting married so it would have been my last time going to a family trip with everyone around… Right after you suddenly went back, Dad was really feeling down about it.”

“I’ve already apologized to Dad over and over again for that matter… Hey, I’m changing, so don’t come inside!”

“We’re sisters, what’s there to be embarrassed about?”

Ignoring Megumi’s attempt to shut her sister out of her room, Hiromi barges in and casually sit on her bed.

“That’s right, I remember hearing about it from Kei-chan too. He had plans to hang out with you at the mall, but he got ditched right after you met your boyfriend at a family restaurant.”

“……Looks like Keiichi-kun is a bit of a blabbermouth, isn’t he?”

“No matter how one looks at it, he’s definitely the same guy from that time during the trip, right? According to Kei-chan, he seems like a pretty upbeat and interesting person…”

“Ah, enough with that, Onee-chan, can you please shut up?”

“Leaving a family trip and ditching a promise with her cousin for a boyfriend… Looks like the moment you made a boyfriend, you’ve become a really naughty girl, huh, Megumi.”

“That’s why I’ve been telling you, okay? This is just a grand misunderstanding and I sincerely wants all of this to get sorted out, so I’ll do the explanation, okay?”

In response to her sister’s childish provocation, Megumi flatly responds with her own counterattack.

“The reason why I went back home during the trip or ditched my promise wasn’t because of a boyfriend, but for the sake of my circle, okay?”

“Right, now that you mention it, you’re currently in a game circle, aren’t you? After being pulled in by your otaku boyfriend, that is.”

“Didn’t I tell you already? I’ve been saying that the circumstances are completely different.”

Trying to avoid remarks like “well, everything’s true except for the ‘boyfriend’ part” to avoid turning the direction of the conversation against her favor, Megumi continues showering her sister with excuses.

“I had to come home from Hokkaido at that time because it was an important moment for our circle’s formation, and that one time I went out shopping with a friend was for researching materials for our game.”

“In other words, the reason why you left the family trip and ditched your cousin wasn’t because you wanted to be together with him?”

“Yep. That’s why, it’s weird to be calling him ‘boyfriend’ in the first place…”

“Then, you’ll admit that you were staying at that boy’s house yesterday, right?”

“How many times do I need to keep repeating myself, that’s not what I’ve been meaning to say…”

But no matter how Megumi tries to steer the conversation to the direction she wants, there is no hiding her true nature from her sister.


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  1. TY for summary.

    wow, very interesting so it is “冴えない彼氏(オタク)の育てかた。” from the beginning right 😛

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