Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori Reportedly in a Relationship with Pro Wrestler Okada Kazuchika

The internet has been taken by storm after the sudden news that popular voice actress Suzuko Mimori, affectionately known as Mimorin, has been in a relationship with IGWP heavyweight pro wrestler Okada Kazuchika for five months. This news ties in with Okada’s remark that he has a new lover in an interview on December 13, 2017, and Mimorin saying she’s begun a new serious relationship in G1 Climax since August 2017.


The relationship of the two began after G1 Climax ended last August. Since Mimorin is a voice actress that belongs to Hibiki agency under Bushiroad, the company which owns New Japan Pro Wrestling, the two are naturally acquainted with each other after that event and quickly approaching a more serious relationship. It’s known that Okada frequently watches Mimorin’s live, and Mimorin often comes to Okada’s matches.

Wishing the best of happiness for the couple!

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