Eromanga-sensei has been generating steam as one of Spring 2017’s most anticipated anime, and it’s certainly not without reason. Originally penned by Tsukasa Fushimi who was known for his previous popular—albeit controversial—work, OreImo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai), the show doesn’t take long to establish what it’s all about: a slice-of-life romantic comedy involving a pair of siblings; only this time, we get to look at the story from the glasses of a high school light novel author instead of a plain highs school student. Also, Fushimi made it clear from early on that the characters aren’t blood related, which the series compromises with its overt inclination on the romantic relationship between the siblings.


Here is a short synopsis from Eromanga-sensei’s official website, in case you haven’t seen it.

Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels.
Sagiri Izumi is a shut-in who never leaves her room.
A year ago, she became Masamune’s little sister.

But one day, Masamune discovers a shocking twist—
The artist “Eromanga Sensei,” who has been drawing illustrations for his novels, is none other than his little sister Sagiri!

His cute little shut-in of a sister, who has been living under his roof, is using an obscene pen name and draws lewd illustrations?!

This slapstick comedy about a light-novel author big brother and his little sister the illustrator brings a cast of charming characters surpassing even that of “Oreimo!”


As of now, there has been eight volumes of the light novel; and depending on the number of episodes, we’ll probably be able to see 2-4 volumes getting adapted. With the way things are proceeding, some viewers have voiced their concern on whether things may turn in the direction that OreImo was headed to, and the answer is arguably close to a yes. Eromanga-sensei’s premise walk a very thin line between morality and romance, it may be hard to overlook for a set of demographics. The series is however blessed with interesting characters that are heavily intertwined with the plot, and the quirk that comes with being light novel authors who are still in high school and getting one’s work adapted to other media. It comes down to whether you can enjoy it despite its shortcomings. Below is a pretty short outline of things that have happened on the course of the series so far—spoiler alert.

Volume 1:

  • Izumi siblings’ introduction.
  • Elf Yamada’s first appearance.
  • Masamune took Elf Yamada’s challenge with Eromanga-sensei at stake and won.
  • Sagiri rejected Masamune once.

Volume 2:

  • Muramasa Senju’s first appearance; a popular light novel author who is actually deeply in love with Masamune and his works.
  • Masamune faced off with Muramasa in a light novel competition.
  • Masamune’s new light novel, Sekaimo (Sekai de Ichiban Kawaii Imouto), is getting published after winning in the competition.

Volume 3:

  • The participants of last volume’s competition went to a trip.
  • Elf’s big brother is introduced.
  • Sekai de Ichiban Kawaii Imouto’s first volume was released.
  • Eromanga-sensei G’s teaser.

Volume 4:

  • Eromanga-sensei G (Army / Amelia Armeria, Elf’s illustrator) had a showdown with Eromanga-sensei.
  • Army became the illustrator for Sekaimo’s manga adaptation.
  • Sekaimo’s second volume was out three months after the first volume along with the manga’s first volume; Sagiri’s birthday party (December 10).

Volume 5:

  • Elf transferred to Masamune’s school in December.
  • Everyone had a Christmas party at Masamune’s house and watched the first episode white box of Elf’s light novel anime adaptation which sucked.
  • New Year’s Party & “Counter Valentine Conference”.
  • Kyouka Izumi (Masamune & Sagiri’s guardian) came to test whether Sagiri can “rejoin society” by asking her to come to school.
  • Sagiri started training to “go to school” at home.
  • Sagiri confessed that she likes Masamune “as a little sister”.

Volume 6:

  • Sagiri started peeping Masamune since she could go outside after the events of Volume 5.
  • Masamune was asked by Kagurazaka-san (the editor) to participate in the event with Eromanga-sensei.
  • Kyouka replaced Sagiri as Eromanga-sensei’s proxy; she was forced to wear embarrassing clothes and answer outrageous questions.
  • Izumi and his fellow male writers had a group date with Megumi and two lolis.
  • Elf proposed to Masamune.
  • Muramasa confessed to Masamune (again) through a letter in front of him.
  • Sekaimo’s getting an anime adaptation.
  • Masamune recalled his dream and resolved to propose to the person he loves after it is fulfilled.

Volume 7:

  • With Sekaimo’s anime adaptation announced, Masamune’s getting even busier.
  • Makina Aoi who was responsible for Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru is in charge of Sekaimo’s series composition.

Volume 8:

  • The period of Masamune’s day-off from work.
  • The usual romcom shenanigans in the first two chapter starting with Sagiri sleeping together with Masamune and Elf getting angry.
  • Third chapter took place in the morning of Masamune’s 2nd day-off, starting with a monologue from Sagiri heavily implying her inner romantic feeling towards Masamune. This part is fully written through Sagiri’s perspective.
  • Masamune woke up and noticed Sagiri was drawing, and they started talking.
  • Sagiri apologized for telling Masamune “not to push himself too hard” and make him worry, but Masamune told her it’s fine and thanked her for taking care of him.
  • Sagiri asked Masamune whether he wants them to become families, to which he answered yes.
  • Sagiri told a single “lie” with a smile, asking Masamune to talk about their past “in order to properly become family” and to know more about each other.
  • Both reminisced about their respective family problems and the start of Sagiri’s fear of going to school.
  • They talked about Masamune’s first 210-page light novel “Yuusha Masamune no Bouken” and his first reader, which turned out to be Eromanga-Sensei / Sagiri herself. At that time, Sagiri lied about her age and told Masamune she was a university student.
  • Sagiri’s first fan-mail and her illustration of Masamune’s first novel was the trigger for Masamune to become a light novel author.
  • Masamune’s first light novel was the reason Sagiri could continue going to school and decided to start learning to draw more seriously from her mother (the 1st generation Eromanga-sensei).
  • They kept staying in contact, with Masamune producing new chapters and Sagiri drawing the illustration for it. They also shared their family circumstances despite not knowing each other at that time.
  • On their final exchange after one year of working together, Masamune asked this first fan of his whether she loves drawing. Sagiri answered yes, because there are people who enjoy her drawing. Masamune then told her that he’s going to become a professional light novel author and asked Sagiri to do the same. Sagiri then told Masamune that this will be the last time she is going to draw for his novel and contact him, since she’s going to start training to become a professional illustrator since she is not a genius like Masamune keeps referring himself as. Masamune agreed and told her that the next time they would meet is when they both have become proper adults.
  • The flashback ended, and both of them reflected that it’s been four years since their “first meeting” and two years since they became siblings.
  • Dialogue below occurs.

“Hey… Onii-san.”

“What is it? Sagiri.”

“Can… Can I stop calling you “Onii-san’?”

The little sister said those words with a smile.

And along with it, tears started flowing down.

“Can… Can I stop pretending to be a little sister?”


Of course, I couldn’t ask why.

After all, we’ve already talked a lot about the past to understand each other.

“I’ve already talked a lot about myself, right? …Then, you should understand, right? I… I don’t want to become siblings with you.”

Sagiri is holding her fist on her knee.

And with a slight whisper,

“I, I… The relationship that I wish for is, not family…”


I stopped Sagiri’s line with my hand and voice.

“You’ve also heard my story, right? If so, you should’ve understood too. What I want is a family. I really, really want it no matter what.”


Sagiri is looking down dejectedly.

Even so, I don’t intend to give up on this.

I also don’t intend to let my little sister have such a sad face.

That’s why, I’m going to move forward with my plan.

I’ll probably regret it, but if it was the younger me, I’d probably shout it out without any hesitation.

Who the fuck cares? Or so.

That courage is now, slowly coming back to me.


Please marry me.”

————-To be continued————-

15 thoughts on “Eromanga-sensei

  1. Continuation of their story how? I want to see the continuation when Izumi proposes Sagiri, Please tell me the rest 🙂

  2. Wait wait, for volume 8 are you saying that there was a HUGE timeskip and what the series is just a flashback by adult Masamune and Sagiri because it’s what I’m getting since Masamune proposed to Sagiri. It is also sad to see that this LN is close to ending (based on the info you’ve provided) but nonetheless. Thank you,

    P.S. please clear my confusion

    1. Hey can i ask something?, where do you usually read the novel?, because i just find 6 volume from 9 volume

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