Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014 Artist Line-up

After months of waiting, the line-up of artists who will be performing in the largest Japanese pop culture event in the Southeast Asia of 2014 is here!

The artists for the 1st day are DJ Kazu, Aoi Eir, Hachiouji-P (8#Prince), and EGOIST. The artist for the 2nd day are DJ Kazu, GARNiDELiA, Haruna Luna, and T.M.Revolution. The VIP Package for both days including an autograph chance for one artist per day and the exhibition & stage access will cost IDR 1.600.000, while the VIP ticket for a single day will cost IDR 850.000.

AFAID 2014 will be held for three days, from August 15 to 17. There will also be a special event that will only be available for AFAID 2014 Early Bird Super VIP Package Holders.

Anime Festival Asia is an annual Japanese pop culture event, which was first held in Singapore. Ever since then, other Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia and Malaysiahave got a chance to host the event. AFA includes exhibitions, special stages with lots of featured stars, and the I LOVE ANISONG concert.

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