Re:Dial: kz(livetune)’s First Compilation Album

Another great upcoming work has been announced to be released on 2013, which is kz(livetune)’s latest album. This album will feature lots of popular tracks from his five-year long career as a Vocaloid producer, and even a couple of new tracks to boot.


The release date of the album is March 20th, 2013, and the album’s title is “Re:Dial”. As usual there will be both a regular edition (CD only) and a limited edition (CD + DVD). The album is directed by Murakami Takashi, and the album cover artwork / jacket illustration is drawn by mebae, who also drew “Tell Your World EP” mini-album’s jacket illustration. The Japanese casual brand “galaxxxy” is responsible for designing the clothes featured in the illustration.

So far, this is the revealed track list:


  1. Redial
  2. Tell Your World
  3. Packaged
  4. ファインダー
  5. Light Song
  6. ストロボナイツ
  7. Yellow(Re:Dialed)
  8. Magnetic
  9. Fly Out
  10. Weekender Girl
  11. Heart Beat
  12. D.E.N.P.A.(Re:edit)
  13. our music(kz’s The Begining of The End remix)
  14. Last Night, Good Night(Re:Dialed)
  15. Tell Your World -English Version-

Limited Pressing DVD

  1. Tell Your World [Dir. fantasista utamaro×wakamuraP×TAKCOM]
  2. Weekender Girl [Dir. SEGA×wakamuraP]
  3. Fly Out [Dir. flapper3 Inc.]
  4. Last Night, Good Night [Dir. redjuice]

A trailer was uploaded to TOYSFACTORYJP’s YouTube account, which you can check out below.

If you want to know more about livetune and his past works, you can access an in-depth article about that here.

More information regarding the album and the tracks involved is also here in both English & Japanese:

livetune, whose album “Tell World EP” has been used for the Google Chrome – Hatsune Miku CM, will soon release a compilation album of his five-year career using the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku which will be released on March 2013.

2013.3.20 Release
livetune feat. Hatsune Miku New Album「Re:Dial(リダイアル)」
【Scheduled recording】CD will include approximately 14 – 15 tracks
・livetune feat. Hatsune Miku / New songs (2 tracks)
・livetune feat. Hatsune Miku / “Packaged”, “Finder”, and more from “Re:package” album
・livetune feat. Hatsune Miku / “D.E.N.P.A” and more from “Re:Mikus” album
・livetune feat. Hatsune Miku / “Tell Your World” and more from “Tell Your World EP”
・kz (livetune)× HachioujiP feat. Hatsune Miku / “Weekender Girl”
【Scheduled recording (DVD)】Planned to include 4 songs (for limited time only)
・”Tell Your World” ・”Weekender Girl” ・”Last Night Good Night” and more

★ Google Chrome “Anata no Web wo, Hajimeyou.” CM Song「Tell Your World」
★「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA -f」「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA -F」Tie-up Song「Weekender Girl」
★ livetune who became popular after releasing his Vocaloid work using Hatsune Miku in 2008、once again became a hot topic after three and a half years through “Tell Your World” from the mini-album “Tell Your World EP” released in March 2012、hitting the #4 place of Oricon weekly rankings! This album, “Tell Your World EP”, is not only famous in Japan, but also reached #2 at Taiwan’s music chart, and generated a massive popularity worldwide!
★ In August, he teamed up with a fellow Vocaloid producer, HachioujiP, to release the tie-up song of SEGA’s『Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f』, entitled「Weekender Girl」.
★ The album is scheduled to feature some new songs to expect. In addition, the DVD limited edition is to feature unreleased footage from past music works.
The most important feature of this release is the featured four music videos!

Google Chrome-初音ミク篇-のCMソングが収録された「Tell Your World EP」をリリースし、さらに飛躍したlivetuneが2013年3月に5年間の初音ミクのボーカロイドを起用した楽曲の集大成を発表!!

2013.3.20 Release
livetune feat. 初音ミク New Album「Re:Dial(リダイアル)」
・livetune feat. 初音ミク /「新曲」(2曲予定)
・livetune feat. 初音ミク /「Re:packaged」より「Packaged」「、ファインダー」他数曲予定
・livetune feat. 初音ミク /「Re:MIKUS」より「D.E.N.P.A.」他数曲予定
・livetune feat. 初音ミク /「Tell Your World EP」より「Tell Your World」他数曲予定
・kz (livetune)× 八王子P feat. 初音ミク /「Weekender Girl」
・Tell Your World ・Weekender Girl ・Last Night Good Night 他

★Google Chrome “あなたのウェブを、はじめよう。” CMソング「Tell Your World」収録
★「初音ミク Project DIVA -f」「初音ミク Project DIVA -F」タイアップソング「Weekender Girl」収録
★2008年にメジャー流通から初めて初音ミクのボーカロイド作品をリリースし、一躍話題になったlivetuneが、約3年半後の2012年1月に「Tell Your World」でまたもや、話題となり3月にミニアルバム『Tell Your World EP』をリリースし、オリコンウィークリー4位を獲得するなどさらに飛躍! この『Tell Your World EP』は、国内のみならず、海外でもリリースし、台湾チャート2位を獲得するなど、ワールドワイドな話題にも事欠かない存在に!!
★8月には、新進気鋭のクリエイターとして業界内外でも注目されている“八王子P”とタッグを組み、SEGA『初音ミク -Project DIVA- f』のタイアップソングとしても有名な「Weekender Girl」をリリース。

Want to get the album? CDJapan and Amazon have already opened the pre-order for both the regular edition and limited edition, check it out if you are interested.

CDJapan (RegularLimited)
Amazon (RegularLimited)

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