sasakure.UK x DECO*27 – Snow Song Show feat. Hatsune Miku

Just a while ago, U/M/A/A Inc.’s YouTube channel and Nico Nico Douga channel uploaded a new collaboration work between DECO*27 and sasakure.UK! The song is titled “Snow Song Show”, and is created to welcome and celebrate this year’s Christmas, which should be around in no time.

The song tells us a story about a Christmas night in the near future, in which the memories about Christmas have already vanished from people’s hearts—and how Miku decided to bring everyone a gift in the form of a song, as to make them remember the meaning of Christmas. The flowing music warmed everyone’s heart, even in the cold winter. As some people might not be able to understand the lyrics, I’ll be talking about the song’s overview now. Also, descent87 provided the subtitles for the song. For those of you who want to sing along, I have also provided the romanized lyrics below. (^ o ^)


mata waraeru you ni

utsumuku kao yuki no wadachi gairoju no kuroko tachi
toki to tomo ni furitsumotta kanashimi de yukidaruma

sonnanya dayo chotto matte
kattette iwaretatte
atashi ga nantoka shite miseru yo
akai ishō ni mi o tsutsunde yozora kara purezento
doko made mo todoke

utau yo lalalala
hora machi o someru kono uta de
wasurerareta ano hi o
omoidashite aishite mata waraeru you ni

utsumuku kao yuki no wadachi gairoju no hoshi keshō
toki to tomo ni akaruku naru machi o narasu ashioto

‘daijina koto o wasureteitanda, itsuno mani-mani wasurechattanda’
“sora tobu sori no nanto kasan” toka
“sono yoru no kutsushita no okiba sho” mo
“asa okita toki no ano doki-doki” mo
“gucha-gucha ni shita hako no akekata” mo
‘itsushika minna ageru gawa ni naru, dare ka no egao o morau hi ga kuru’

sonna konna arimashite
nacchattanda santa-san ni
12 tsuki 27 nichi no koto
nee chotto kore tte masaka
atashi no namae mitai?!
tokashita sekai ni mirai ga furu

sora kara hara-hara ochite kuru yuki no naka ni
kimi o mita yo nee kiita yo
ano hi no Snow Song Show o

utau yo lalalala
hora machi o someru kono uta de
wasurerareta * ano hi * o
omoidashite aishite mata waraeru you ni

tsumuideku mirai e no kono merodi

The song is prefaced by Miku seeing a flashback of her past Christmas experience as a little child. The Santa Claus gave her a music box as a present, which she happily accepted—her joy quickly followed by the Santa’s disappearance.


After the flashback, the music kicked in with Miku singing “lalala…” as the title appeared. The melody of the intro, which serves as the piece’s pivotal tune throughout the song, vibrantly expressed sasakure.UK’s unique and colorful composition as usual.


As the title faded away, the scene changed to depict the way Christmas celebration has ceased to exist.


Miku is then seen walking around the crowds, as she passed through “snowmans getting piled up with despair as time keeps moving”.


Unhappy with the way things are going, Miku—dressed as a Santa Claus—started singing as her song enveloped the town. Through the song, she told the people to remember and to treasure the day that they once did, as well as to smile again like they used to.


As the streets brightened up, the second verse explored more of the elements of Christmas that the people have forgotten. For example, the heart-throbbing feeling of waiting for the presents.


The following part also pointed out that December 27th sums up to form Miku’s name (27 + 12 = 39).


After that, the song moved on to the interlude, with Miku’s face being projected through lots of screens throughout the town, reminding the townsfolk of the eponymous song, “Snow Song Show”.


Miku began singing once more; this time, the sky’s color radiantly changed from dark blue to purple-red, implying that the whole town has been enveloped with warmness.


The piece is concluded with a scene where a boy is shown to receive the warmness from the song’s melody.


Personally, I think this song is really heartwarming. It successfully conveyed the essence of Christmas with both the simple lyrics and delicate music. Don’t be reluctant to share this post to people near you; I hope that the message from Snow Song Show would be able to let them experience and enjoy this year’s Christmas even more.

By the way, the list of participating artists including musicians and other people in charge of the movie, according to the description provided by U/M/A/A Inc. is also present:

Music by sasakure.UK
Lyrics by DECO*27
Arranged by sasakure.UK & DECO*27
Mixed by sasakure.UK at Studio sasakuration

Vocal : Hatsune Miku
Guitar, Chorus : DECO*27
Synthesizer : sasakure.UK
Programming : sasakure.UK & DECO*27

Concept Design:akka
Illustration:akka, mirto, Souno

Last but not least, Snow Song Show will be available as one of the tracks in a Christmas compilation album with the same name. The album will be released in December 18th. If you live in Japan, you will be able to grab the album in some FamilyMart convenience stores which is listed here; you can also buy the album from Animate.

I guess that’s it for the post, see you next time! (^ o ^)/

4 thoughts on “sasakure.UK x DECO*27 – Snow Song Show feat. Hatsune Miku

  1. thank you for the lyric!!! Its really good! I love sasakure.UKXdeco27 duet!! they really awesome. And this song really so pure and cute for chrismast spirit. Once again arigatou!! ^o^

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