Event Wrap-up: The 5th ToyzMania 2012 “UNITY” & Cool Japan Indonesia

Earlier this month, the annual event called “ToyzMania” was held for the fifth time in Indonesia, this year taking place at Poins Square. The event incorporated Toys Fair, Game Web Center, Communities Gathering, Food Bazaar, Cosplay Competition, Cosplay Cabaret Performances, and many more.

ToyzMania 2012

Among the competitions was the ToyzMania Instagram Competition in which I submitted my entry that managed to reach the finals. The entry in question:


I came to the venue on the first day. As I came in the afternoon, the event was already crowded enough. There are so many good sales going around that many people are walking around carrying their loots. Well, something like that. After that, I walked around the places to see all the stands first; after that, I went to the community booth of Nendonesia, Figmania, and SHFIndo—all of which I am a member of. As usual, all three stands were displaying the figures contributed by the members. Nendonesia also displayed The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook; if you are interested in getting a copy, just go through the steps mentioned in the link! 😀

So… What did we do at the stand? Many things!

Here is a photo so you can get the gist of some of the things we did:

Yui on a T-Rex :)

Besides having many figures and photos displayed in the stand, delicately-designed business cards are also there so more people can join our community; we also had many fun talks and took some funny photos. You can access all the photos in the photo album I uploaded here.

There were lots of interesting things and offers in the event, one of them was Lullaby Winds Shop‘s lucky draw with the ticket to WonFes as the grand prize. I didn’t participate, though, haha.

I didn’t buy anything except a Nendoroid Petite : Fate/hollow ataraxia and a magazine that included four great posters, lol.


Tohsaka Rin


I went home around 7-8 PM, after taking some favorable photos and having some nice conversations with my comrades. But, when I checked the official FB page of the event, it turned out that the participants of the Instagram Competition have to re-register themselves. Of course, that included me. Despaired, I canceled my plan of going back there on Sunday.

The next day, I went to another event, albeit with a smaller scale, located in the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. The event is entitled “Cool Japan Indonesia“, where some Japanese products like clothes, musical instruments, and consumer durables were being exhibited. Other stuffs like photo booths, surveys, and lucky draws were also here. Another thing to note would be the Vocaloid demonstration being held here, which managed to be featured in Hatsune Miku’s official FB page. You can take a peek at the photos here.

When I was on my way home after leaving the event and hanging out in the mall to find some good reads at Kinokuniya, I noticed that I got some messages. One of them actually notified me that the re-registration for the Instagram Competition that I missed the day before was still available. :p

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