Oregairu Another: The Other Conclusion

As some of you know, the upcoming PSVita visual novel adaptation of Oregairu Zoku will be bundled with an OVA focused on Iroha’s story from volume 10.5 (likely the “Surely, Isshiki Iroha is made of sugar and spice, and something nice.” chapter). With Oregairu A or ANOTHER (an alternate storytelling of Oregairu by Watari with some different points) ending last month with the release of Zoku’s final BD, I feel like the series has come a long way and that the end we have all been waiting for is just over the corner. Since the final BD was released on April 28 and the visual novel will be released on July 28, so I figured I would schedule this post to be available for public starting from May 28, just to match. =)
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About True Love & Getting Hurt – WA2 (& Oregairu) Random Ramblings

Just finished re-reading White Album 2 CC & Coda. Afterthoughts and musings here may contain spoilers of the lengthy visual novel and other forms of media involved. You can think of this as me talking to myself, really. I haven’t written anything in a while, so I figured that I have to get things out of my system.

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